50 state electoral reform initiative


1. Elections in America are controlled often by the political parties local representatives themselves, creating severe conflicts of interest.

2. Many millions of voters are removed from voter rolls, affecting minorities and youner people particularly severely.

3. Election machines are often unauditable and unverifiable, and follow no accepted international or technical best practice, and therefore undermine democracy by creating distrust in officially reported results.

4. Where the Edison company that conducts exit polls, does not release raw exit poll data, making audits of elections official results nearly impossible based on exit polls.

5. Greater than 50% of Americans believe elections are not free and fair, according to recent reuters poll and 67% want structural changes.

6. When certain states get a one party control, they redistrict to permanently cripple their opposition, and pass id laws that might prevent a handful of voter impersonations but end up preventing hundreds of thousands of poor people from voting.

7. Where decisions on where polling places will operate are made by people with severe conflict of interests, creating severe difficulties in voting for lower income and working class voters.

8. Where the war on drugs and other tough on crime legislation has created a permanent underclass of over 10 million people with felony convictions on their records, who are barred from voting in many. though not a majority of states, disproportionately disenfranchising minorities.

It be hereby ordained that American Elections will comply in all ways to Free and Fair Election Best Practices.

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Additionally we should implement a law that requires media to be truthful, as they have in UK. For two weeks I have listened about Bernie supporters throwing chairs, when it is simply not factually true.