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This Basque DNA test shows 50% male line survival of the basque:


This pandemic brings the behavior of a society respecting nature. We stop consuming. The nightmare for nature stops. Pity we cannot see the far far greater devastation our chemical contamination of earth has wreaked.

March 14, 2020 100 AM Montara, CA

The laying of the second trap for Libyan sovereignty

The most recent election in Libya in 2014? brought the Libyan House of Representatives to power. With only 18% voting, it nonetheless destroyed the islamist representation in Parliament. Is this good? The Islamists is a euphemism. These are antisocial brigands manipulating religion in many cases. Just as now people are asking whether the US Police attracts skinhead types, so we can ask the same of the Libyan Islamist factions, who were used to deciding things with domination and violence.

Now today, I am astonished their is virtually no online presence for the Parliamentary Govt of Libya. But the Turkey Qatar MB backed GNA in Tripoli has 100s of 1000s of followers, and though the GNA is an expired parliament elected in 2012, this is where Google directs you. Nowhere on page 1 if you type in "Government of Libya" will you find the actual last elected parliament, which is to hold office until it is determined the country is under control sufficient to conduct an election.

The international press describes the conflict as being between Haftar and the GNA. But in fact the elected parliament has appointed Haftar as its commander. Clearly the power relationship when the country is in a state of siege and effectively under attack from Turkey Qatar and at any time potentially, NATO.

Later tonight I stumble through Arabic Language search, using duckduckgo on the elected government of Libya's website. I run google translate. I read of a Cairo Declaration following a Berlin Conference. I google Cairo Declaration

Google immediately sends me to the military industrial site Atlantic Council

Lets check Duckduckgo

On DuckDuckGo

I get the opposite initial result!