The 39 edicts

    1. Thou shalt empower bioregional councils that can radically reshape their regions - on mass transit, education, and utilities - and people will get involved in creating a sustainable urbun suburban rural planning and vision of a future, where gradually everything flimsy or mass produced is replaced by hand made things, though it might take 1000 years.

    2. Thou shalt develop mechanisms that ensure people are not priced out of coming up in their own regions.

    3. Thou shalt refocus the aspirations of the citizenry from sex and money - to virtue - where people seek approval in a constructive manner. Our society should celebrate contributors.

    4. Thous shallt issue shares in the earths carrying capacity, and these shares must be passed on, only when we increase carrying capacity and biodiversity can we issue new carrying capacity shares.

    5. Thou shalt rediscover community, through song and dance and tradition and barn raising, thou shalt bring people together each season so we can be part of a community.

Part 2: Practical

The US system is one that prevents change. We should have many right and left parties, and figures, yet we have Pepsi And Coke. The system needs to support multiparty democracy based on proportional representation. Allowing state wide candidates instead of districts a start.

Part 3: Observations:

Why do we not rebuild our temperate rain forests?

Why is it that the newer a building, the uglier, in general? And the same for a city? Or did we hit a nadir?