Blueprint for the next system

Declaration 1: We can have hybrid representative direct democracy.

I believe basically in creating a parallel government using internet voting where you can either delegate your vote to representative - for example I delegate my poliitical power at level: Global or Continental or National or State or County Or City (multiple levels) and subject (environmental | economic etc) so for example I could make you my delegate at the intl level on environment.

Any time I wanted to I could 'override' the delegation by directly voting on the issue myself - so it would be hybrid direct/representative - the only catch would be that a basic test on what the bill contained would have to be passed (the fun part would be the delegates themselves flunking which would happen most of the time over here in congress). Of course the test part itself - is not absolutely necesarry and fraught with peril.

Additionally the residence only applies to the delegator, not the delegatee. I.e. I can delegate my power on municipal matters to anyone in the world. Residency is vested in the voter, not the representative. The voter should not have his rights curtailed.

The question arises what power do we vest in city, county, state, national, continental and international representative government? What makes the "Nation" more important or less important than "the state" or the "Continent".

Declaration 2: We can eliminate work as we know it, become either all semi retired or creating vastly more value.

Utilities such as housing, medicine, food can be supplied with a tiny percentage of the population, through voluntary association (opt in organizations rather than compulsary i.e (co-ops vs taxation transferred to monopolies). We can easily completely eradicate poverty as well as eliminating the incentive to get other people to consume - by creating a society of plenty - where people do not waste their time on accumulation schemes.

Of course the other issue - is that we need to eliminate work as we know it - not create full employment as we know it. Most jobs produce nothing, if you actually go through the tables of occupations - in a "as is" scenario vs a "to be" scenario. For example police, jailers, soldiers, finance, insurance, speculation. etc all these things are largely non productive - i envision an economy that "runs under the hood" like a computer operating system. Then we can do what we really want - all go to burning man - or build harpsichords - or we can all work tirelessly in the true productive area - and create cities and transport systems that are ten times better and more aesthetic than our wildest dreams. In other words we can all either quasi retire - or we can all shift to true production.

This would start by non coercive local institutions that were free to join or leave - and self sufficient bio regions. In Wales for example the people do not have control over their economy - they do not know how to self organize - the whole world is gradually losing local control - here in the US there are only 350,000 jobs listed in durable goods manufacturing! I believe that number was in the millions. This is a problem because people are no longer connected to reproducing their own existances. Everyone has become dependent on a giant faceless system.

Declaration 3: We begin by networking all the different groups in the world to a common purpose - the ushering in of the next system. Rather than wasting our time staring at the spectre of the crimes commited by the oligarchs in our various countries.


1) People should elect 10 people for each position out of hundreds or thousands, to create a more well rounded body, rather than battles of single candidates vs single candidates. Electing councils rather than presidents.