the Jeffersonian Alliance

Mr. Hughes, the founder of, has created another site,, to identify and promote liberal candidates through some of the same digital channels used by the Sanders social media movement. Developers who volunteered for Mr. Sanders are also working with Brand New Congress, a new political action committee devoted to electing lawmakers who share Mr. Sanders’s policy views in the 2018 midterm elections.

My dedication:

Speech I gave at the Caucus: Bernie Sanders candidacy is unique in the entire history of the United States. We see a resurgence of a movement we have not seen since the 1960s. We cannot take this precious moment in history for granted.

We need a humanistic economy. Where every person is empowered. Where we are worker owners not wage slaves. Where people can pursue their real interests rather than accumulate.

The urge to accumulate and consume comes from fear. If we eliminate alienation and powerlessness, we can shift to a sustainable economy, where each bio region can largely be run by its residents, where when work is eliminated it is the people who retain the benefits, rather than a few monopolies and their major share holders.

Our economy is becoming increasingly predatory, rent seeking and parasitic. We need to shift from speculation, incarceration, arms and mindless consumption to become educators, researchers, artisans, craftspeople artists and healers.

If elected delegate I will defend the revolutionary spirit of the Bernie Sanders movement for an egalitarian society where every day people are the voice of their government and media.