NATO supports ethnic cleansing in Libya

Today is 9-11

The victims of 9-11 were used by those in power to accumulate power through terrorizing their population with their as Borat said "War Of Terror" They cannot rest until as Neville Chamberlain said upon pledging his support to churchill..

The Rise of The Politics of FEAR. 1 OF 5

They lie to us now they want to protect us from harm or terrorist. The politics of fear. Our worst nightmare.

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        • Alexander Hagen Neville said: For the hour has now come when we are to be put to the test, as the innocent people of Holland, Belgium, and France are being tested already. And you, and I, must rally behind our new leader, and with our united strength, and with unshakable courage fight and work until this wild beast, which has sprung out of his lair upon us, has been finally disarmed and overthrown

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Libya News: Tawarga : UK Telegraph report. America & NATO are continuing support of forces conducting mass arrests, ethnic cleansing & murders amounting to potential genocide against Blacks.

By Alexander Hagen, R&D Engineer, CEO Telecomm company, journalist (retired)

September 11, 2011

This time it is exceptionally serious. The very same alliance that intervened to stop ethnic cleansing in Serbia and Bosnia and Kosovo – is now responsible for ethnic cleansing and genocide at a larger scale most likely, in Libya.

There appears to be a genocide and ethnic cleansing of dark skinned people in Libya underway:

This tragedy is 100% the responsibility of NATO. It may be witting or unwitting but it is a fact that it is occurring.

1. The ethnic cleansing of Tawarga

a. Alex Jones

b. Telegraph i. Along the road that leads into Tawargha, the Misurata Brigade has painted a slogan. It is, it says, "the brigade for purging slaves [and] black skin." ii. The callous statement is used to keep support going for the mission: “Any rebel abuses pale by comparison with those of the regime. People who saw the charred skeletons of prisoners, machine-gunned and burned by Gaddafi's retreating Khamis Brigade, or who witnessed the indiscriminate bombardment of Misurata, will not quickly forget the scenes.” He also omits information about dozens of executions – When considering the shock this country has been put through from 20,000 aerial missions, over 7,000 of which delivered their payloads of bombs and missiles killing at least 1,000 civilians and who knows how many young men who thought they were fighting for their country. Also the atrocities the loyalists are accused of conducting would probably never have happened if we had allowed peace talks and refused to bomb until the “Gadaffi has to go” stipulation had been changed to “We will talk with Gadaffi about real democracy now in Libya or resume military operations.”

2. Rounding up Loyalists: telesur

3. The disappearance of thousands of Surface to Air Missiles

4. The release of up to 15 million small arms throughout the area, incredibly a quick google news search does not show this story. But we have all seen stories about these weapons. Had we had talks these weapons could potentially have been secured.

5. The known collaboration between NATO and “Al Qaeda” jihadist Belhadj. (While I have no idea of whether he is a good or bad person – we knowingly armed and trained the very people our “War on Terror” is designed to imprison and assassinate against a secular government.

6. Finally a former US Congressman has testified he witnessed Dutch and French killing and even beheading Libyan loyalist and rebels to show “who’s in charge”

7. Finally with our surgical zero casualty wars – it really isn’t war anymore – it is assassination. We did not battle the Libyan infantry, we assassinated them. An entire countries army one by one. With their having no chance to fight back – no matter how heroic their efforts.

8. Now in Beni Walid, in Red Valley and in Sirte, look at the bravery of these people fighting surrounded with electricity and water cut – no access to the red cross – and bombed by NATO.

9. We have seen a Canadian reporter claim that 85% of Tripoli was opposed to the NATO intervention.

To recap: Thousands of surface to air missiles have disappeared, and as many as 15,000,000 small arms which includes machine guns may flow out of the country, providing a wonderful method of destabilizing and reshaping more countries, and allowing the US to grow its bloated military and security services even further.

Finally I need to remind all people of the background to these events: The US represents 47% of global military spending, and has 1,000,000 people in the security state, an unthinkable number, fighting an imaginary enemy (see the rise of the politics of fear a BBC documentary ), which we are fomenting. We are conducting drone assassinations and undeclared wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq and many other places. Any Muslim would be so angry right now – you could not blame them for rushing to the nearest militant recruiting office. All arranged by the USA. we are 25th out of 30 countries in education, and have 2 million people incarcerated, with 5% of the world’s population we have 25% of the world’s prisoners, more than any other country including China. We have at least 1/3 of the worlds ex-felons, figures are hard to come by but they number at least 11,000,000 and possibly as many as 20,000,000. Our child poverty rate has hit ~20%. The stimulus cost nearly 4 million dollars per “job” created. Wikipedia and a statistics web site called Nationmaster, are the easiest way of finding these figures as well as my page called Libya Conflict Intel and related pages on

For the victims of 9-11, many must be rolling in their graves – their deaths have been used to justify a near dictatorship being imposed, and a destruction of the US economy.

The Patriot Act – which even has a top secret classification of how it is interpreted, is the ‘soft’ dictatorship.

Did Obama know that Gadaffi had much wider support than we are told ? Could he not have halted the campaign and tell the rebels – that they had to have peace talks – instead of allowing them to take a hard line Gadaffi must go position? While we engaged in a muscular display of bombing.

Finally in Libya the real culpable parties are the media outlets – which have done such a horrible job covering this, that I will never be able to read or listen to anything from any of them including MSNBC Democracy Now and Al Jazeera. I must read the papers as Russians read Pravda.

In my mind there were four key moments of discovery I experienced

1. Initial research: Laying out the situation in Early May in Libya Conflict Analysis – doing this I found Libya had no debt and the highest standard of living and education and medicine in Africa according to the UN. And yes a very tightly controlled society, what most would call a police state. But when looking at this situation – I think we should strongly revise the freedom rating in the USA. Revocation of Bill of rights, hijacking the death of the people in 9-11 to rule people using fear, larding the military and security agencies with essentially unlimited funds and to start a reign of terror on smaller weaker Islamic countries

2. The horror of the abuse of the no fly zone – including killing reporters at Libyan Television.

3. The frustration with the media stonewalling – in my video 11 questions about Gadaffi and Libya NATO Obama Rice Clinton will not honestly discuss.

4. And now the final straw – standing by while genocide and ethnic cleansing take place. This is not about Gadaffi. It is about us. My ancestors fought in the American Revolution and Civil War and so did many of yours – and they would be horrified by what we are allowing to occur.

5. There is a great deal of information indicating that NATO either started or hijacked the uprising, and irrefutable evidence they have facilitated and enabled ethnic cleansing and what could become genocide by any definition of the word if it has not already reached that bench mark. I hope you will agree that we must put on trial all of the leaders responsible and many of them if found guilty should pay the price of others who have facilitated genocide.

With the information provided how could this possibly be construed as NATO Sec Gen Anders Fogh Rasmussen claims “we are protecting civilians”, “We will continue our operation until no civilian can be harmed”

I want to thank whoever VMSRK is, a youtuber who has found and posted massive amounts of credible accounts from every media source that is not easily locatable online such as Telesur. And although I found Alex Jones to be too easily swayed by conspiratorial theories – nonetheless he has alerted 100s of thousands of Americans and in general he is doing an incredible national service at this time. Also Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, the two most honest and courageous political figures in America today.

People what will it take to get you to contact your representatives and demand accountability for this chaos and slaughter and lying in Libya

Personal note: Once again I hoped to rest. Once again the horror and hypocrisy drove me to labor into the night. What choice do I really have?

Alexander Hagen