Take Back Our Community: We have created an online Forum email me to join: alex@microtopia.org

Take Back Our Community: We have created an online Forum email me to join: alex@microtopia.org

On February 24 a girl from Cunha was savagely beaten with cell phones by two girls from Half Moon Bay High.

I dedicate this web page to her - although I have only seen her picture in a year book.

What we can do to improve the culture of our adolescants on the Coastside - particularly female.

Unfortunately Google Is not friendly to end user editing that I can figure out - and this is a "google Site" So you must email me at a_l_e_x_@microtopia.org take spaces out of name in email as they are to prevent spammers to add you as collaborator to add posts or webpages. If you know of a way to do a posting page for web users using Google Sites also let me know.

Project 1: Standard Filter for Home with School Age Children for Routers: https://www.opendns.com/start/router/ This link will help you instantly reduce innapropriate content online. Its not a silver bullet - its one layer of defense that is relatively easy and very powerful. As long as your kids are not Network Engineers!

PERSONAL NOTE 3/14/09 : I am now using OpenDNS and the main effect it has had that I am aware of is shutting down myspace.com - Also when I click on news links that are actually basically advertisements it blocks some of them

Proposed Level: Chaperoned IM and Email. All Childs communication previewed by either the parent or a responsible web services provider such as monitored chat rooms on childrens sites.

Project 2: Standard Filter: Cell Phones: IMs routed via adult prior to forwarding : Or transcript of messages available to parents online.

Project 3: Responsible TV: Attempt to increase difficulty in viewing superficial materialistic or lascivious content and increase ease of access of quality programming with educational elements.

Project 4: Coastside Afterschool: A sliding scale income service for athletic and cultural after school programs.

Project 5: Reform of Student Dynamics: Method to change clicque behavior fhrough campus program and traffic design. For lack of a better phrase.

PROJECT 5: SCHOOL REFORM: Interesting FAQ about parents rights. It appears that we have very few.

What are a parent and student rights to control selection of class, teacher and counselor.


PARENT AND STUDENT RIGHTS TO CONTROL THEIR CHILDS EDUCATION: Basically "If you please, sir, could I have more"


WHAT DOES BILL GATES THINK ? He does more than think - he handed out 12 Billion Dollars! Eqyuivalent to 30% of the stimulus package for EDUCATION.


PLEASE NOTE THAT Take Back Our Community is a seperate project from other parts of this website - and is not meant to endorse any political or social philosophy other than improving quality of life for young people on the Coastside. Once the site has some traction we will move it to its own website. For the time being this web page is hosted by microtopia.org which looks at sustainable communitiies, a related but different project.

Alexander Hagen

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