blog 2019

May 4, Montara, CA

It is the deep of night, 5:15 AM, when my mind is most sharp, I suppose. Not a creature is stirring. (I let the cat out).

Today several more accounts were banned from Facebook and the like. The purge continues, The former President of Ecuador, banned, the main latin american left wing TV network, banned, The right honorable Louis Farrakhan, banned. Its like living in Germany in the 1930s, except the beatings are occurring outside our borders. (The ones inside our borders are monotonous, routine. The brownshirts are instead wearing blue uniforms, and they beat the poor, rather than their political opponents, unless you are opposing an oil pipeline.

The perfect storm lumbers towards us. The destruction of the earths ecosystems. It occurs precisely at the time when humans have lost their ability to be self sufficient. Had it occurred 3 centuries ago, people would at least know some basic farming and woodsman skills. But it happens after we have been de-natured, totally dependent of technology. Should things proceed, it will be a horrifying spectacle. People unable to improvize fashion tools hunt or farm, with all their support technology collapsing.

How does one live in such an age? When one can see trends and where they lead.