Libertarianism and Monopoly

libertarianism and plutocracy: The problem of concentration of wealth

Or Questions for a platform to attract left of center voters to libertarian candidates and causes - as part of an overall movement to make america more agile and vigorous.

For me i have never much cared what you called competent management of governmant - to me it was competent and incompetent - both at a mechanistic level and a ethical framework.

What we have felt in our dissapointment in Obama executing a very cautious strategy - to the extent of failing to confront and bring to justice those who commited malfeasance in the financial sector - and possibly its Government Corralaries.

Fast Forward to people like Robert Scheer and Max Keiser who also might be willing to allow for a large state sector -if it actually raised living standards, education levels, lowered work hours. - but what we have now - is the glomming on of a bloated welfare state -and warfare state- both woefully behind nimbler organizations in many instances - distorting unfairly the playing field - which itself is manipulated by its custodians (our officials) and their financiers (the lobbyists)


Now we who voted for clinton and obama and probably Gore at the least -are willing to go small government - because the govt has turned into an aider and abbeter in the prostration of the working man or womans share of the American Production and Resource Pie.

My View is that our goal be to get america at least to where it was when we started:

That when touring other countries we are shocked in their disparities between the commoners and the privileged, as Franklin did when touring Scotland.