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Find reference on the very very large quantities of heroin



CIA And International Drug Trade

Tensions between CIA, FBI, DOJ and

CIA no longer needs to deal drugs to destabilize opponent states. The Security State has more money than it knows what to do with.

The CIA uses the drug trade to achieve objectives of penetrating and manipulating non state actors to project US and allies (Global Super Capitalism

CIA Control of Mexican Drug Trade. Note Drug War Zone and military sphere's of influence.

The Hindu reported in 2008 that, “90 per cent of the heroin sold in Russia comes from Afghanistan,” and Putin was quoted as saying, “Unfortunately, they (NATO) are doing nothing to reduce the narcotic threat from Afghanistan even a tiny bit,” and that the coalition forces were “sitting back and watching caravans haul drugs across Afghanistan to the former Soviet Union and Europe.” The article then reported that, “according to unconfirmed reports the U.S. military transport aviation is used for the delivery of drugs from Afghanistan to the American airbases, Ganci in Kyrgyzstan and Incirlik in Turkey,” and that, “It has been reported earlier that the CIA is involved in Afghanistan’s opium production, or is at least protecting it.” One Russian journalist quoted anonymous Afghan officials as saying, “85 per cent of all drugs produced in southern and southeastern provinces are shipped abroad by U.S. aviation.”[22] - does this mean CIA still permits heroin shipments based on target audience, and people on their payroll, providing protection in exchange for attacking Russia through narcotics trade? And controlling elements involved in European Drug Trade?

Turks have discovered their Lira go far in Washington.

Citizens United - how will it affect overseas interests influence in US politics.

CU - allows complete obfuscation of source - all money emanates from people.

The way foreign interests can buy influence - is through paying lobbyists. The lobbyists can hide their contributions - effectively "bundling" or "laundering" foreign money.

It is legal for a foreign state or entity to pay a lobbyist. It is also legal for the lobbyist as an american citizen to support the causes of their choice. Technically the money cannot be accepted if it is suspected of having come from a foreign entity. Now for sake of argument we could ask - why is this a problem ? From a libertarian point of view ? And the truth is - the prima facie reason is that the whole concept of lobbyists buying influence on behalf of powerful interests - is anathema to liberty - However in real life, those who do not advocate for their interests will not get a seat at the table, ergo those with the most money will obtain the greatest access to contracts, rules erecting barriers to entry against their businesses (intellectual property, Frequency License, and tearing down barriers to entry of those


Chomsky states Nurenberg

To skirt the law, a foreign entity can give money to a lobbyist


Get a Nobel Peace Prize - bomb a country - EU 2012 peace prize winner - approves destabilizing Syria.

The Untouchables

John Pistole, FBI

Kevin Perkins, FBI

Lennie Brewer

Chuck Grassley

"Stain on the

Nick Verbitsky confidence game