Bernie Sanders Foreign Policy

Latin America would become a booming trade partner under a Sanders administration.

    1. Treating Drug Use as a healh issue - decriminalizing and using health care professionals to oversea distribution of drugs to addicts - to eliminate the criminal drug trade.

      1. This would lead to an explosion in the economies of central america mexico and colombia.

    2. Relations would improve with the left in chile and help chile break out of her own 1% stranglehold.

    3. Relations would improve with the whole region by not having a neo liberal corporate hawk. Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru and Venezuela would all empower more progressive elements of society.

Bernie Sanders Foreign Policy As I (a great expert!) recommend Lets actually EARN the Nobel Peace Prize through creating peace


Democratic Socialism as Bernie envisions it -

would involve state run medicare hubs, and federal reimbursal for state university costs. Private insurance would become an extension to medicare. The cost of medicare is 2 - 3 % overhead vs Insurance 20% or greater.


  1. Would benefit organized industrial workers movement,

  2. Would help anti austerity progressives in Spain and Greece.

  3. Would reduce tendency towards fascism.


  1. Bernie must recognize the snipers in Kiev were rightists as reported by German TV. That there are forces that venerate S.S. associated so called nationalist war heros such as Stepan Bandera. This must be recognized as a twisted form of West of Dnieper Ukrainian nationalism.

  2. Bernie must recognize that Ukraine contains within it two fundamental tendencies, that if init is to maintain cohesion it must powershare. Respect must be given to rebels in breakaway provinces, as people have the right to self determination. However ideally a political settlement must be concluded.

  3. Ultimately we must support a neutral Ukraine that does not alienate its east of Dnieper substantial ethnic Russian minority.

  4. Crimea status should be like N Cyprus. Unresolved.


    1. A democratic socialist would be a positive influence on Russian relations. It is allready a great achievement in erasing the stain of the red scare that Bernie Sanders is taken seriously and will not soften his democratic socialist stance.

  1. The US Russia China could lead a conversion of military industries to peaceful purposes. Countries willing to cut spending on arms would join a mutual defense alliance.

Creating clear warlike countries, like Saudi Arabia, and potentially peaceful countries, like Iran?

The Gulf Petromonarchies:

Once we have attained energy independence, we should deal with undemocratic nations differently than democratic nations. Their should be carrot for allowing elections etc, and stick of ?

Middle East


Sanders will support a restoral of peace in Syria, with elections that are free along power sharing lines similar to Lebanon.

Sanders will ask that the Saudi mercenary army of conquest be put in Saudi uniforms and transformed into a peace keeping force or disbanded. Foreign mercenaries should fight under their patron states flag, not masquerade as locals.


A Bernie Sanders administration would make substantive negotiations toward a two state solution within 10 years along 1967 borders or agreed swaps by both sides, as a condition of ongoing aid. The carrot would be increased aid upon resolution of the palestinian crisis. As well as within 1 generation a vibrant trade.


    1. In Sanders creating a roadmap to Peace in Palestine, Egypt, Libya Syria. Israel becomes a trade powerhouse in region in high tech. Not defense related except very limited.


We will support disarming all rebel factions and funding an AU and neutral muslim peacekeepers. such as Nigerian, Algerian, Tunisian, Egyptian peacekeepers reimbursed by United Nations. A truth and reconciliation commision will be established for atrocities against Gadaffi supporters, as well as trials for NATO members, once Sanders is secure enough in his position. We will not "look forward", We will "do justice"


We must bring all stakeholders together in dialog with de ISI'd pakistan - or one where ISI is transparent as well as Iran including talks with Taliban, to get peace here.

Pakistan and India and China

Peace and trade based on min wage in those countries. period.

Egypts Muslim Brotherhood

We support a MB political party that renounces violence except in self defense, who accepts a multi religious secular state. with laws respecting historic islamic jurisprudence, but with respect fot individual liberties. After all multi faith multi cultural abbasid and ottoman rulers respected many individual liberties of faith, etc.

"Historically, dhimmi status was originally applied to Jews, Christians, and Sabians. This status later also came to be applied to Zoroastrians, Mandaeans, Hindus, and Buddhists.[12][page needed][13] Eventually, the Hanafischool, the largest school of Islamic jurisprudence, and the Maliki school, the second largest school of Islamic jurisprudence, applied this term to all non-Muslims living in Islamic lands outside the sacred area surrounding Mecca, in present-day Saudi Arabia.[14] Some modern Hanafi scholars, however, do not make any legal distinction between a non-Muslim dhimmi and a Muslim citizen.[citation needed]"

Data for Bernie Sanders Campaign to absorb: Sy Hersh on Syria, Libya, Turkey etc